Just a few words on the Beasties as all are commiserating on the passing of Adam Yauch--far from my strong suit, but pulling me back for another listen.  To the extent hip-hop/rap was on my map in their earlier days, I was more into Kool Mo Dee (who gave the Boys a bit of a “chill, guys” admonition on his inner-sleeve “scorecard” with How Ya Like Me Now) and Rakim--I took Licensed to Ill at the time more as “white kids once again getting all the attention for jumping on an Af-Am genre” and missed that it was a worthy original take.  (Still not quite sure what it is!)  And didn’t pay that much more attention, until all were abuzz about Paul’s Boutique as must-listen contemporary electronic pop (or, again, whatever you call it . . . ).  Anyway, now, more than before, hearing the joy, play, and fun in it (not to mention what I take to be a hip, original, outing).  And catching up on Yauch’s later activities and priorities--particularly with respect to Tibet--nice going, man.