Makrokosmos Orchestra w/Band of Bones

ShapeShifter Lab, 18 Whitwell Pl, Brooklyn, New York

Makrokosmos Orchestra: Featuring new, genre-defying compositions by co-leaders Richard Nelson and Tim O'Dell, with a 15-player ensemble drawing on outstanding New York creative contributors. With Christine Correa, voice; Peter Bloom, flutes; Tim O'Dell, saxophones; Adam Kolker, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Alan Brady, bass clarinet, clarinet; Marshall Sealy, French horn; John Carlson, trumpet; Jacob Varmus, trumpet; David Chamberlain, euphonium; Dale Turk, bass trombone; Arcoiris Sandoval, keyboards, sound design; Richard Nelson, guitar; Ken Filiano, bass; Rex Benincasa, hand percussion; and Scott Neumann, drums.