"An ambitious and daring composer... (who has) come up with a distinctive synthesis of modern  jazz, and contemporary orchestral music... his guitar solo on 'Strive' leaves a hunger to hear more."



 Richard Nelson is a composer and guitarist who fosters a healthy creative interplay between the in-the-moment spontaneity of improvisational explorations and the more deliberately organized realms of composition.  His Imaginary Ensemble--flexible in instrumentation, wide-ranging in genre--defies categorization with programs that range from fully-composed pieces and progressive jazz (and improvised music of all sorts) to straight-ahead jazz and music across the rock/pop/folk/blues spectrum.   Equal parts fun, serious, and zany.


Upcoming Shows

  • Apr 26
    Kresge Auditorium @ MIT,  Cambridge
  • May 14
    Frontier Cafe,  Brunswick