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             Club Shot                                              Composition at Desk
             Photo by Joe Harrington                        Photo by Emily Weir
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                       Rick Nelson Composing


           Head Shot                                                Head Shot B+W
           Photo by Emily Weir                               Photo by Emily Weir
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                                          Horizontal with Guitar
                                          Photo by Emily Weir
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Upcoming Shows


Richard Nelson Imaginary Ensemble

Blue, 650A Congress Street, Portland

The Richard Nelson Imaginary Ensemble

Creative contemporary jazz meets jazz-tinged blues and Americana, featuring vocalist Marcia Gallagher. Alongside guitarist Nelson’s dynamic and exploratory contemporary jazz compositions, expect South African jazz, music by Thelonious Monk, and jazz-tinged takes on blues and Americana classics featuring Maine's outstanding jazz vocalist Marcia Gallagher. The program will include titles from Nelson's latest CD Deep River, on which Gallagher is a featured vocalist.

Featuring: Richard Nelson, guitar Marcia Gallagher, vocals Frank Mauceri, tenor saxophone Peter Herman, guitar Asher Barreras, bass RJ Miller, drums

"Thirst for experimentation . . . pushing of known boundaries . . . appreciation for the time-tested sounds of the tradition. Not your typical guitar date." --Cadence

"('Deep River' is) a masterful suite by composer/guitarist Richard Nelson that merges jazz and American folk music." --Boston Globe